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The HeslyFence®‘s temporary fence feet are designed and manufactured to the highest standard you will find in the temporary fencing industry. We can supply high volume orders for any industry needing superior products, on-time at a competitive price. Our feet are ideal for construction fencing , temporary pool fencing and stays/bracing and can be delivered to your business on time from order.

NOTE:  If necessary, we are capable of making your contact information on the Plastic Feet.

We Supply The Best Temporary Fence Feet

At the HeslyFence®, we carefully research and design the best accessories for our customers. According to the production process, we can manufacture 2 (two) types of Plastic Feet which are Injection Mould Plastic Feet and Blow Mould Plastic Feet. and for Blow Mould Feet, we have three styles which are infilled water, infilled concrete and two part foot.  These types of feet have a number of advantages over their competitors, including:

  • The concrete is securely encased, no left debris left when removing from site
  • Easy to fit and use,
  • Superior design for easy handling
  • Quality mould for the harshest industry environments
  • Compliance with highest safety and environmental issues

Blow Mould Plastic Feet

Blow Mould Plastic Feet    Blow Moulded Plastic Feet
  • Blow moulded fence foot weighing 29kg (+/-1)
  • Dimensions- 600mm x 228mm x 150mm.
  • UV and anti-aging added to the plastic. Available as standard, in highly visible, safety orange colour.
  • Won't leave concrete on playing fields or car parks reducing environmental and safety issues.


two part feet   two part foot

This two part foot has been designed to keep ahead of health and safety legislation and ideal for uneven ground and has the following design features:

  • Each part weighing just 16kg.
  • Interlocking system for secure base when installed
  • UV and anti-aging added to the plastic
  • Moulded feet means no concrete debris left on removal, reducing environmental safety issues

Injection Mould Plastic Feet

Injection Plastic Feet   China Injection Plastic Feet

Injection Moulded Temporary Fence Feet is a traditional plastic temporary fence feet.

  • Material: plastic polypropylene
  • Treatment: UV5 treatment for anti-color-fading and outdoor using
  • Color: any color is available.
  • Hole size: suitable for pipes with outer diameters of 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 38mm, 42mm and 48mm.
  • Infill material: concrete or others as your opinion.
  • Overall size: 560mm × 245 × 130mm, 570 × 425 × 130mm
  • Plastic mould weight: 1.3kg
  • Infill concrete weight: 31 - 32 kg




HESLY FENCING SOLUTIONS manufacture and supply two kinds of Plastic Temporary Fencing Feets which are Injection Moulded Temporary Fence Feet and Blow Moulded Temporary Fencing Feet. Your Temporary Fence will look great and be safer with these high visibility coloured feet.

They are easier to see which makes them safer as they are less likely to be a tripping hazard for the public.

Our Plastic Fence Feet offer the following benefits over standard concrete fence feet:

  • Far more durable – will last up to 5 times longer
  • Much easier to handle – no sharp edges
  • Are not prone to cracking or chipping
  • Safer as they are far easier to see & handle
  • You can choose your own colour
  • Are far more visually appealing and professional looking
  • Offer long term cost benefits

Features of HESLY Plastic Fence Feet:

  • Full range of colours available
  • Made of a Flexible & Durable co-polymer polypropylene.
  • UV5 for sun/weather protection.
  • Carry handles at both ends
  • Wide range of post hole sizes available – 20, 25, 32 & 40mm nb. (26, 33, 42 & 48mm od)
  • Post holes can run across or up and down the blocks
  • Personalised name plates displaying your Company Name, Phone Number, Web Site Address etc can be supplied.
  • We can transport them to you anywhere in Australia.
  • Designed to be filled with concrete.


  • We can fill the shells for $3.5 each.
  • Includes 2 * 6mm * 500mm reo and 32MPA concrete.
  • Approx 32kg when filled.
  • Feet Size: 570mm x 245mm x 130mm.


HESLY FENCING SOLUTIONS (HeslyFence®) is China-Based Wire Mesh Fence Designer, Manufacturer & Exporter. Call or Email the Teams at HeslyFence® on +86 188 3181 6606 / , for our fast quoted, Professional and Reliable service.

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